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These courses are designed for 10+2 passouts (Arts/Science/Commerce) interested in making career in the fields of Computer Hardware, Networking, Telecommunication, Robotics & Circuit Designing. All these courses are designed to provide maximum practical exposure to the students and boost up their confidence. Every module has over 70% practicals.

All these courses are designed to provide maximum practical exposure to the students and boost up their confidence. Every module has over 70% practicals.

IHIT Certified Courses with International Certifications :

Course Name



IHIT Certified  Computer Hardware & Network Engineering

36 Months

IEL, INTEL, INET, WNET, Syllabus of MCSE & Syllabus of CCNA

Advance Diploma in Local and Wide Area Networking

24 Months

IEL, INET, Syllabus of  MCITP, Syllabus of CCNA

Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware & Network Engineering

24 Months

IEL, INTEL, INET & Syllabus of MCSE

Integrated Diploma in Computer Hardware & Advance Networking

12 Months

IHW, Syllabus of MCITP & MCSE, Syllabus of CCNA

Integrated Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering

12 Months

IEL, Syllabus of CompTIA A+

Diploma in Local & Wide Area Networking

6 Months

Syllabus of MCITP and Syllabus of CCNA

Diploma in Local Area Networking

6 Months

Syllabus of MCITP & Syllabus of MCSE

Diploma in Networking

4 Months

Syllabus of MCITP

Diploma in Advance Networking

3 Months

Syllabus of MCSE

Diploma in Wide Area Networking

3 Months

Syllabus of CCNA

IHIT Certified Courses:

Course Name



IHIT Certified Electronics Engineer

36 Months


Integrated Diploma in Wired & Wireless Networking

12 Months


Diploma in Hardware & Networking

9 Months


Diploma in Hardware & Wireless Networking

9 Months


Diploma in Networking

6 Months


Diploma in Wireless Networking

6 Months


Certificate Course in Computer Hardware

3 Months


Course in Computer Assembling

2 Weeks

Desktop & Laptop Assembling

IHIT Certified Management Courses (Regular & Correspondence Mode)

Course Name Duration* Content

Advance Diploma in Business Management & Information Technology.

24 Months IBUS, ITECH
Advance Diploma in Marketing Management & Information Technology 24 Months IMKT,ITECH
Diploma in Business Management 12 Months IBUS
Diploma in Marketing Management 12 Months IMKT
Diploma in Information Technology 12 Months ITECH

*The course duration is as per Normal Track i.e. 2 hours per day. in case of Medium Track it is 4 hours and Fast Track it is 8 hours per day. Course duration will be 1/2 and 1/4 respectively of the indicated duration in case of Medium Track and Fast Track.

IHW-Computer Hardware   
Duration : 3 Months

Advanced Electronics - Introduction to electronics, Analog electronics components like Resistors, Capacitors, transistors and transformer etc., Digital electronics components, IC’s and Logic Gates, etc. Testing and repairing of circuit board components. Computer Assembling -  Introduction to Computer and Laptop Parts, Configuration & Settings, Jumper Settings, Computer Assembling, Master Slave combinations, BIOS settings, Troubleshooting, Starting & Booting, HDD Partitioning, OS loading, Multi-booting, Device Drivers (Modem, Display, Printer, Sound, etc.) Software Installations - Software Installations & Configuration for various types like Self Extracting, Setup based, Configuration based, Software Updates, Patches installations, IRQ Settings, Port Settings- Serial, Parallel, USB, Maintenance. Trouble-Shooting Software Tools - Use of various software tools in computer hardware like Password Recovery, Bypass Login, Syskey, Ghosting, Imaging, Data Recovery, Crash recovery, Computer Virus removal, Driver Packs and Update Services.

IEL-Basic Building Block   
Duration : 6 Months
Basic Electronics, Analog Electronics - Introduction to Passive & Active Components like Resistors, Inductors, Capacitors, Transformer, Diode, Transistor, FET, MOSFET, UJT & TRIAC etc., Testing, Logic Building practical applications using CRO & Signal Generator. Digital Electronics - Logic Gates, Boolean Algebra, Binary Arithmetic, K-Maps, Flip-Flops, Registers, Encoders, Decoders, Multiplexors & Demultiplexors, etc., Microprocessors - Internal Architecture & Assembly Language Programming of Microprocessors such as 8085/86/88/286/386/486 & Pentium. ICOMP - Introduction to Computer Peripherals, Configuration & Settings, Jumper Settings. Computer Assembling, Master Slave combinations, BIOS settings, Troubleshooting, Starting & Booting, HDD Partitioning, OS loading, Multi-booting, Device Drivers (Modem, Display, Printer, Sound, etc.), Software Installations & Configuration, IRQ Settings, Port Settings- Serial, Parallel, USB, Maintenance & Computer Virus. O. S .- DOS, MS-Windows, MS-Office - Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Project Work.


INTEL – Component Level Computer Technology 
Duration : 6 Months
-  Tracing, Testing & Repairing, Component Testing & Replacement using Hot Air Soldering Station, Pencil Soldering, etc., Technical Description, Repair & Maintenance of various Computer Peripherals like SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply), Power Supplies (UPS-Off Line/ON Line, CVT), Monitors (Mono & Colour), Printers (DMP, Inkjet & Laser), Keyboard (Mechanical & Membrane), Mouse (Scroll & Optical), Floppy Disk Drive, CD-ROM, HDD Ghosting, Data Recovery, Motherboard, Add-on Cards (Display, Sound, NIC, Modem, etc.), Software & Hardware Diagnostics. 

INET – Connecting The World 
Duration : 6 Months
Basic Concepts of Networking - LAN, MAN & WAN, Components of Networking, Seven Layers OSI Model, TCP/IP Model, Cable Types, Topologies. Installation of a Physical Network - HUB, Switches, Cable Type, NOS, NIC, Connectors, Crimping, Net BIOS. Networking Under Windows - Windows Peer to Peer Model, Installation, Configuration, Network Node, Resource Sharing, Internet Sharing.  Windows  Server, Users, Security & Domain Management, Security Services, Installation & Administration of Active Directory Domains, Additional Domains, Forest & Child Domains, Unattended Installation, Windows Deployment Services, DNS, DHCP, WINS, IIS, etc. Linux Red-Hat - Installation, Configuration & Administration of Red Hat Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu, Samba Server Administration, Apache Server, FTP Server, Services, DNS, DHCP, Advance Linux, Shell Programming (Shell Scripts) Concept of Internetworking (Multi-Server) - Multi Server Configurations & Communication, User & Security Management & Troubleshooting and Advance Technologies. 

ITEL – Backbone of Global Village 
Duration : 6 Months

Communication - Concept of Corded & Cordless Communication, Signal Processing & Transmission, Modulations, Repair & Maintenance of Corded & Cordless Communication Devices, Call Monitors, Fax Modem. FM Communication, Antennas. Mobile Phone Technologies - GSM, CDMA, Chip Level repair of Mobile Phone, Software Loading, Bluetooth, Flashing, Locking/Unlocking of Mobile Phones. Other Transmission Equipments (Overview) - VHF Transceiver, Microwave Communication & Radar, etc.

WNET – Wireless Networking 
Duration : 6 Months

Radio frequency (RF) - Fundamentals, RF Behaviors, Principles, Modulations, Antennas - Types, Coverage area & mounting, Cables & Connectors. Organizations, Standards & Rules FCC, Frequency Ranges & Channels, IEEE-802.11g & b, Network Models, Home RF- Bluetooth & Infrared Functions, PAN Securities, Serial Port Access. Wireless Hardware - Wireless LAN Card, Access Point, Wireless - Workgroup Bridge, Client - Server Devices, Residential Gateways, Enterprise Gateways etc. Network Architectural - Connecting a Wireless LAN under various NOS, Authentication & Association, SSID, ESSID, SID, Infrastructure Mode, Ad-Hoc Mode, Wireless & Wired Network. Wireless Security - Wireless Security Overview, 802-11g&b Security, WEP, WPA, Network Attacks, Security Policies, Troubleshooting Wireless LANs - Multipath, Hidden Node, Near/Far Maximizing System & Co-location throughput, Channel Reuse, Range Consideration & Configuration.

ICONST – Designing the Circuit
Duration : 12 Months
Circuit Theory & Design
- Network Elements & their Characterization, Foundation of Network Analysis, Transient Response, Steady State Analysis of Circuits, Complexity Theorems, Network Theorems & Transformations, Network Functions, Two-Port Networks, Network Synthesis. Digital Circuit Design - Combinational Circuit Design & Implementation, Iterative & Tree Networks, Synchronous & Asynchronous Sequential System Design. Hardware Description Language & Micro Programmed Control Design.

IBUS : Business Management                                               
Duration : 12 Months

Introduction to Business & Management, Principles of Business Management, Organizational Behaviour and Consumer Behaviour, Effective Business Communication, Microeconomics, Indian Business Laws, Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting, Cost & Management Accounting, Seminar, Introduction to Computers & Office Automation Tools, Project & Research Work.

IMKT : Marketing Management                                            
Duration : 12 Months
Introduction to Marketing, Principles on Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Understanding Consumer Behaviour & Feedback Handling, Effective Executive Communication, Microeconomics, Financial Accounting, Advertising & Sales Management, Effective Advertising Media & Techniques, Introduction to Computers, Office Automation Tools, Seminar, Project & Research Work.

ITECH : Information Technology                                         
Duration : 12 Months
Introduction to Information Technology, Introduction to Computers, Internet & E-mail Communication, Office Automation Tools, Computerised Accounting, Cyber Crimes, Indian Business Laws, Introduction to Database Management System, Project Management, Management Information System, Workshop on Computers in Management, Seminar, Project & Research Work.

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